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Ellen Boyer

Work Related Injury / Illness Management
Rapid Service
Conservative Treatment
Return to Work Focus
Prompt Communication

The BEHC providers evaluate and treat acute work related injuries and illness with a return to work focus. We make every effort to keep patients at work.

Treatment plans are individualized. We rapidly move cases on to specialty care if they are not making adequate progress with conservative treatments or if a more serious injury is identified early on. We work collaboratively with the patient, company, insurer, therapists, and case managers to insure an optimal outcome. Employers can expect same day communication about the status of the injured worker - including diagnosis, causation, treatment plan and work capacity.

We make every effort to see acute injuries within 24 hours.

We evaluate and treat the following conditions:
  • Musculoskeletal or neurological injuries (acute or cumulative) such as spine injuries, tendinitis, contusions, joint strains, carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Minor acute injuries (same day) that would otherwise need emergency room attention, such as minor bums, puncture wounds, eye injuries, blood borne pathogen exposures, chemical exposures, foreign bodies, and lacerations.
  • Indoor air quality and toxin related illness.
Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (Physiatry) There are a percentage of cases that do not or are extremely slow to respond to typical conservative care. Sometimes this is due to severity level, multiple diagnoses, multiple preexisting conditions or significant psychosocial issues impacting the case. This service at BEHC is targeted at providing specialized care for these individuals.

Our physiatrist, Dr. Jane Glass, has dedicated her career to occupational medicine. She provides evaluations and ongoing management of complex or nonprogressing musculoskeletal injuries. Her services also include electrodiagnostic studies, acupuncture, injections, second opinions, independent medical examinations, and permanent impairment ratings.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Many injured workers benefit from the expertise of a therapist to fully recover. Physical and occupational therapy offers effective treatments for symptom management and tissue healing, as well as exercises and stretches aimed at regaining motion, strength, flexibility and endurance. Education is integral to our therapy program, especially as it relates to self-care and ergonomics at the work place. Treatment time is spent one-on-one with the injured workers and therapist.

BEHC has two physical therapists and one occupational therapist dedicated to the treatment of injured workers. Our integrated program treats most work injuries including sprains, strains, post-surgical care, tendinitis, joint injuries and spine injuries. Weekly therapy rounds bring the therapists and clinicians together for a complete review of each case under treatment.

Preplacement (Post Offer) Examinations This service is conducted in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These examinations assist employers in properly identifying whether an individual, who has been offered a job, can safely physically perform the job with or without work accommodation. Regulated screening or testing can be combined with this examination such as drug and alcohol testing, OSHA mandated screening, hearing conservation, vaccinations, or tuberculosis testing.

The pre-placement/post offer evaluation consists of a comprehensive physical examination and medical history, predetermined laboratory or functional (physical strength) testing, review of job descriptions, and further testing as indicated by the position. Our therapists can create custom designed functional assessments for those jobs requiring more intense strength or other activity assessments. This can incorporate the use of the BTE machine* (see below), which provides objective measurements of ability to perform various job functions.

A quick ADA reference for employers is found at www.eeoc.gov/facts/ada17.html.

*Functional Testing with the Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment Machine

The Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment (BTE) is a computerized activity simulator machine that recreates numerous "real world" job tasks in a clinical setting. Used in conjunction with the pre-placement examination, it allows us to objectively measure a patient's ability to meet the physical demands of the job they have been offered. This testing is particularly helpful for those companies who have jobs with work tasks involving heavy material handling, pushing or pulling.

In the setting of rehabilitation from a work injury, the BTE is used to measure the patient's progress over time. It simulates specific job tasks and can be used as an adjunct to therapy for reconditioning the worker. It also offers an objective measurement of the patient's strength, endurance, power, and range of motion in performing these tasks during the course of care.

Aviation Medical Exams Dr. Kenji Saito will be happy to help you with your FAA medical requirements. We have included links to the required paperwork and an e-mail address to schedule your appointment. First you will need to determine what class of medical certification you need by visiting the AOPA.org website. Then you will complete the required online application with the FAA on MedXPress which can be found on the MedXPress.FAA.gov website.

Please bring your MedXPress application and confirmation number when you visit Bayside Employee Health Center. Also, be sure your application is not submitted more than 60 days before your scheduled appointment. Once you are ready to schedule your medical examination with Dr. Saito please e-mail clientservices@behc.net.

Fitness for Duty Examinations The fitness for duty examination helps to determine whether an employee who is returning to work after an injury or illness is capable of performing the functions of that job. The examination consists of a comprehensive medical history, chart review where indicated, physical examination and functional testing where indicated.

Medical Surveillance Services BEHC provides comprehensive medical surveillance and screening programs that are cost effective and insure company compliance with state and federal (OSHA) regulations. Laboratory studies are performed onsite, including blood draws, urine collections, pulmonary function testing, EKGs, radiological studies and audiograms.

Medical Surveillance provides:
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of illness due to hazardous exposures
  • Early detection of exposure before illness develops (e.g. lead screening)
  • Medical clearance for wellness purposes (e.g. respirator protection)
  • Establishment of the health status of the worker for future comparison
Additional Benefits include:
  • Incidental identification of non-work related conditions resulting in early medical intervention
  • Opportunities for wellness assessment (e.g. screening for high blood pressure)

Lucie Bolte, X-ray Technologist

DOT and Bus Driver Examinations BEHC offers DOT and Bus Driver examinations performed according to the guidelines of the State and Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Our easy access location just off the highway and ample parking for large motor vehicles makes the process convenient for the active trucker who requires a DOT or bus driver examination. BEHC performs related drug and alcohol screening as indicated with these examinations. Same day determination of medical certification is offered in most cases, with the exception of those truckers requiring additional evaluation or medical record review.

Drug & Alcohol Screening BEHC offers breath alcohol, NIDA and Non-NIDA drug testing (including "Point of Collection Testing" with same day results) with or without MRO services at our clinic. Our staff is certified and is trained for accurate performance of the tests in order to minimize the risk of test cancellation or litigation. Dr. Susan Upham is a certified Medical Review Officer and is available to serve your MRO needs.

Remember, in the State of Maine, companies requiring Non-NIDA drug testing must have a state approved policy.

For More Information
State of Maine Substance Abuse Testing Resource Website

Preventive Ergonomic Services The combination of worker and workplace creates many opportunities for occupational injuries, many of which are preventable. Our therapists perform onsite ergonomic evaluations and provide preventive educational programs to employers and their employees. They have extensive expertise in computer ergonomics and are abreast of the most up to date equipment options available to make your worker comfortable at their workstation. We also offer VDT or "train the trainer" programs, back and neck schools, and custom designed pre-placement evaluations.

Other Services Offered by BEHC
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Permanent Impairment Ratings
  • Second Opinions (Regarding causation, diagnosis and treatment)
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Acupuncture (fee for service and worker's compensation)
  • Electrodiagnostic studies to diagnose nerve injuries (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Specialty Consultations in Indoor Air Quality and Reproductive Hazards
  • Wellness Programs (e.g. Immunizations and Health Risk Appraisals)
  • Hearing Conservation